The colours that will help or hurt you when selling your home

A lot of people, when they start selling their home, decide that it is appropriate to repaint it in the colors of their choice. But before you resort to neon green or sparkly pink, here are some tips that might be helpful.

Be careful with orange

Orange, black or violet may be too strong for potential buyers. But that doesn't necessarily mean remove them from your interior. Instead, use them as accents on furniture or decorations, but never on the walls.

Don't overcrowd the interior

The biggest concern buyers have is getting bored with the colours of their new home too quickly and having to repaint. So if you want to paint in saturated colors limit them to certain rooms like the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Be bold on the outside

Your home can certainly have personality. Adding some colour to your front door or blinds can open up your home and make it more inviting and welcoming.

Don't spare the blue

Blue is a calming colour and can make potential buyers feel at home.

Of course you should also leave your mark when furnishing and decorating your home. So boldly go ahead and Have fun!!!

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