Rilon Center

A pioneer in the business space of Plovdiv

Although Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, until 2002, the city did not have even one business and shopping center. The fact that Sofia was becoming more and more the administrative point of Bulgaria, and Plovdiv the industrial zone, did not stop us on our way to the realization of introducing a new standard of business properties in Plovdiv, by showing the other face of Plovdiv - a city capable to develop its business potential.

CASE: Plovdiv was lagging behind in the development of business opportunities

SOLUTION: It was time for the urban environment to change in this regard and to introduce a new standard in the market of business properties. In 2002, in cooperation with the Israeli company "Rilon" from Tel Aviv, the realization of our idea began - the construction of the first business and shopping center in Plovdiv.

In 2004, the center was successfully commissioned and became the first successful investment of its kind not just anywhere, but in the city under the hills.

In 2006, we expanded the center with three additional buildings, and its status continued to be the largest business center in the city.

We also proposed a series of innovations, making the building even more modern and functional for its time - the center was distinguished by the largest atrium of its time in the entire country, a suspended facade, introduction of the modern concept of its time "open space" offices, optical structural wiring, central air conditioning and ventilation system, clean architecture and modern standards.

Rilon Center introduced a new standard for business properties in Plovdiv and laid the foundation for the construction in the direction of business and shopping centers in the city. Rilon Center remains the epitome of a successful investment and the first project of its kind in the city.

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