Ori buildings

An integrated residential complex changing the urban environment

Until 2004, Plovdiv also lagged behind in the construction of large and attractive integrated complexes, which combine office and residential parts, unlike Sofia, where this was already a fact. Another niche that we were motivated to cover, in order to fill this missing part in the city and start the beginning of something new.

Ori Buildings is a project realized between 2005 - 2009. It consists of a total of 9 buildings, including a three-story office building and residential blocks with a height of nine to thirteen floors.

CASE 1: Lack of sufficiently large and modern residential complexes and integrated ones

SOLUTION: In 2008, Ori Buildings officially entered operation as the largest residential complex in Plovdiv. With a total built-up area of over 39,000 square meters, the complex represents a complete architectural concept that combines various functionalities - offices, residences, and underground parking for over 400 cars. This approach reflects the new understanding of urban living, where each element of the building has its unique role in creating a complete and contemporary urban appearance.

CASE 2: The lack of offering "turnkey" apartments in the city

SOLUTION: Ori Buildings is the first residential complex in Plovdiv that offers its new residents "turnkey" apartments. This innovative approach not only provides future owners with ready-to-move-in homes but also pre-defines new standards for comfort and convenience in the urban environment.

The realization of Ori Buildings as a project is a historical moment that not only solidifies the importance of the site but also creates a completely new dynamic in the real estate market in the region. Ori Buildings is not just a building, but a true symbol for development for the city. Ori Buildings is the founder of the opening of new perspectives in the field of real estate in Plovdiv.

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