Markovo Vita Nova

How an urban-type residential complex not only changed the face of Markovo but also solved infrastructure problems.

This project is not just another residential complex built on the territory of Markovo, but an idea hiding behind itself a solution to deep consumer and settlement problems. And the solution we found is called Markovo Vita Nova.

The cases we solved and the consumer niches we successfully covered:

CASE 1: The change in consumer needs post-COVID pandemic

SOLUTION: After the COVID pandemic, the real estate market underwent changes that we strategically accommodated. Consumers increasingly wanted to invest in suburban living to reside with their families away from the crowds, urban pollution, and dynamics. Then we decided to expand the project, by turning it into a modern and functional complex consisting of 64 single-family houses and 4 multi-family buildings with 80 apartments.

CASE 2: Lack of diverse housing types in most complexes

SOLUTION: At Markovo Vita Nova, we took into account the needs of different types of consumers and built various types of housing. Small townhouses for those dreaming of living in a house but seeking the more affordable financial option. Standalone large houses for those who love spacious living. Apartments for all who want to keep the urban feel of living, as well as large residences to suit the work-from-home needs of all those who have adapted to this lifestyle after the pandemic.

CASE 3: The lack of spaces in residential complexes

SOLUTION: At Markovo Vita Nova, we provided extensive spaces and numerous amenities for our residents – parking for 110 cars, a supermarket, a dining establishment, a relaxation area with a playground.

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