Episode 81 - The New Condominium Management Requirements

Certainly, for many apartment owners in multifamily buildings, the changes to the Condominium Management Act represent a significant change. In fact, they make significant improvements that aim to facilitate and streamline the management of the common areas of the building. At the same time, the changes ensure a fairer distribution of costs and better access to information for owners.

Fairer Cost Allocation:

One of the key changes relates to the participation of unoccupied flats in the payment of common areas management costs. Now, these flats will have to share the financial burden based on the costs provided for an occupant. This ensures a fairer and more equitable sharing of the common needs costs of the building. At the same time, active participation and involvement of all owners in the management of the property is encouraged.

Easier Access to Information:

The introduction of the possibility of electronic record-keeping represents another important change. This will simplify administrative procedures and facilitate access to information on events and decisions related to building management. However, it is important to respect the deadline of 15 days for entering the new circumstances in the house register in order to avoid possible fines.

Easier Participation in Condominium Decisions:

The ability to hold meetings online enables owners to participate remotely in important building management decisions without being present in person. The establishment of a register of professional house managers is another useful measure that will facilitate the selection of qualified building management professionals.

More Effective Solutions:

Reducing quorums for holding a meeting is also an important change. This will facilitate decision-making while ensuring the necessary representativeness and legitimacy of the decisions taken.

Overall, the new requirements under the Condominium Management Act represent an important advance toward more efficient and equitable management of multifamily buildings. They significantly simplify the lives of owners and streamline administrative procedures.

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