Episode 80 - Disadvantages and alternatives of real estate investing

Investing in Real Estate: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives

Today we will focus on real estate investing and its alternatives to understand what type of investments might be best suited for our investment portfolio. Real estate investing provides significant opportunities for growth and income, but we cannot ignore the potential challenges associated with this form of investment.

Challenges of Real Estate Investing:

A Big Initial Investment: First steps into real estate investing often require a significant initial investment, which can be challenging for many.

High Depreciation Costs:The maintenance and management of real estate often involves significant depreciation costs. Regular repairs and updates to the property can be a major drag on the return on investment.

Difficult Exit from Investment: Selling real estate is not always a quick and easy process. Exiting an investment can take time and effort, especially during periods of limited market interest.

Low Liquidity: Real estate generally has lower liquidity than other types of investments. This aspect can create challenges when needing quick access to cash.

Periods without Income: Real estate investing often involves periods without tenants or income, which can cause instability in an investor's portfolio.

Alternatives in Investment:

Commercial and Office Properties: Investing in commercial or office properties is a better yielding alternative compared to residential properties. These properties typically have less depreciation expense and offer a longer holding period by tenants.

Investing in Gold and Cryptocurrencies: Gold and cryptocurrencies are alternatives that provide easier trading opportunities and allow investors to invest smaller amounts to begin with. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be extremely profitable with proper investment management.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): REITs are an investment option that combines the benefits of equities with the attractiveness of real estate. These funds offer liquidity and diversification to an investor's portfolio.

Stocks and Shares: Investing in stocks and shares provides flexibility and the opportunity for smaller investment amounts. This approach is easier to manage and offers greater liquidity.

The choice of an appropriate investment strategy depends on the investor's personal objectives, risk profile and preferences. Combining different types of investments can be the key to achieving desired investment objectives. Our next article will look at strategies to balance a portfolio by selecting the most appropriate investments for our goals.

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