Episode 76 - Luxury in Bulgarian

Perusing the property for sale listings on the Internet, you can't help but notice that almost all apartments are described as luxury, designer or with a similar epithet. However, the reality can be quite different. There are effects and methods that allow real estate to look like luxury, but not necessarily be so. Let's look at the differences between ordinary and luxury interior materials and how they can impact the impression of a property.

1. Tiles and Floor Tiles for Wet Rooms:
- Plain: Often more budget options are used that resemble granite or marble.
- Luxury: For true luxury, granite or marble tiles are used to add sophistication and durability to wet rooms.

2. Laminate flooring for residential premises:
- Laminate is used to imitate natural flooring, providing decent quality.
- Luxury.

3. Chipboard, MDF and Solid wood for furniture:
- Plain: Many furniture pieces are made from the cheaper particleboard or MDF (medium grade).
- Luxury: Interiors of luxury real estate often include real solid wood furniture that is both durable and impressive for its high quality.

4. Electrical appliances:
- Ordinary.
- Luxury: In luxury properties, high quality appliances such as Miele are installed which not only look smart but also provide perfect performance and durability.

5. Walls and Floors:
- Plain: Plain plaster and paint is often used for walls, as well as standard flooring.
- Luxury: Luxury real estate is distinguished by the use of Venetian plaster, wall damasks and high quality wall coverings that add sophistication and uniqueness to interiors.

In conclusion, the difference between ordinary and luxury interior materials can determine the real estate impression. Each material has its own qualities and capabilities, but true luxury and sophistication come with careful selection and use of high quality materials that create a unique style and comfort in our homes.

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