Episode 46 - Funny Case Studies from the Life of a Broker

I'm continuing the series with oddities I see on the market. Today I've prepared new moments for you, these days I get very angry about everything and when I see different writings and sometimes I get mad.

Writing Number 1 - the other day, I was looking at a very cute offer in alo bg and a lady, a private person wrote underneath in huge letters - please agencies do not call me. Dear madam, the only way not to have agencies ring you is to give your flat to an agency and have everyone ring her. There is no other way, there is no other way for you to put your phone on a private offer
and not have all the people who are in this market calling you. Not to mention that there are a lot of colleagues of mine right now that I can't even call colleagues, they're one of those screaming realtors that have software, the software automatically pulls your information, uploads it to their website with the same pictures and the same description, it doesn't take much and the offer is already theirs. There is no way you can hope putting your own offer on one of the sites and agencies not calling you, no way.

Choose one, there are enough opinions, enough comments, enough forums on the internet, take a look, like someone, there are professionals with 20 years of experience who I am sure will do the job, like someone, he will deserve your money, don't think you will give him 1000 - 2000 euros, he will deserve it, your peace of mind is not worth those 1000 or 2000 euros. And not afterwards - they only call me agencies and they have a lot of clients and there is a terrible interest, there is another time, there are colleagues with searches, there are few clients.

Another in this regard. How do you hope you with an ad in property bg or in alo bg to sell your property, I the other day had a friend Joro - Joro Grozdev the biggest, he said I put here a search engine and they came up 1000 properties, you are one of these 1000 properties how someone will come in and bash yours will like, it does not work like that. You have to invest in advertising, you have to hype yourself up to put paid ads on Facebook, Youtube no matter what to reach the maximum number of people. We have put an advert in alo bg all meter, we Bulgarians all meter to pass and hey so I will sell something for 140 000 euros I think it was the apartment, however we do not have 2 lev to pay an ad, we will push. So this is the thing that really infuriates me about some sellers. I have a colleague who is very enthusiastic like that, she shouts I only ring people like that, when I see her so she writes underneath without agencies somehow she challenges me to call her.

Another thing - every other ad on the forums from the realtors is URGENTLY looking or selling. URGENTLY!!! How urgent, for who is urgent, is it every second person being chased from home and they have to buy a flat at dawn and nowhere to go. Or the other day a female colleague, she must be young, I have never seen such a thing. Urgently sell property, total damage 1000 euros per sqm, however urgently sell. How urgent. Urgent is something when you are really on the lookout, you are pressured by the CSI or some bank, there is some problem, then it is urgent, the price must be in the floor.

Urgently sold, I had one other case. A hotel, not very big, for example 1000 sqm - 1200 sqm RZP, I have to sell it very urgently, here a bank, here I don't know what, 7 million, for something, 7000 euro per sqm, however it is an urgent sale, because someone was pushing it. People, enough with the urgent, enough with the ones in the ad says, um, the price is negotiable, come on, is it really negotiable. You the moment you wrote the price is negotiable and that means someone immediately starts thinking 50% down and then - what are they giving me offers like that. Well you've left a loophole for people to chat you up then get angry, at who, get angry, at yourself.

When you can't write your ad, or when you can't imagine it or take a picture of it - you pay a professional and that's it. Much as we love not getting passed over, someone else will make money and horror. And now, the nice image of the agencies in town, um sucks but not everyone sucks. It's got crappy lawyers, notaries, every guild has a crappy image that shouldn't keep us from working with people who have been doing this their whole lives and know the market.

So I keep finding some things, I'll tell you when I see them, it's a lot of fun. I really want us to have some sense in this market, not a jungle. After all, if there's no professionalism we can't have quality projects and quality investors.

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