Episode 36 - 5 improvements when selling real estate

The commercial appearance of a property is increasingly becoming a requisite for its sale, especially as we enter more seriously into a buyers' market. I will now try to give you some tips on what you can easily and cheaply do to have a better chance of success with your sale. The fairly popular trend of sellers leaving their properties to the imagination of their prospective buyers is now history. Increasingly, improvements need to be made to give properties a much more commercial look. Here are some of them.

1. Paint - a paint refresh is always a good idea, you can even do it yourself as a fun experience for your family.

2. Odours - are a must to improve them, buying an automatic air freshener can do wonders for selling your property.

3. Old furniture - you have two options - renovate them, update them, make vintage as modern and sell them or leave them in the apartment, or just hire two people and throw them away.

4. The flooring - it is not pleasant for a buyer to see a worn laminate or shabby parquet, a zyklenie or total replacement of the laminate does not cost so much.

5. The windows - this requires a slightly larger investment, but replacing the windows seriously increases the value of the property as it saves on future heating or cooling costs.

Remember, buyers are getting pickier and pickier, they will be less and less bothered with repairs, the more work you save them, the more interesting you are to them. If you are selling a property you can contact me for a completely free consultation and viewing for a few tips on what you could improve to make selling your property easier.

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