Episode 30 - Buying a property in Plovdiv with a budget up to 50 000 euro

The topic today is what kind of property you can buy in and around Plovdiv with a budget between 40 and 50 000 euros. This is the kingdom of two-bedroom apartments, the mass of investors built just such, although recently as I read the statistics three-bedroom have taken precedence over two-bedroom. These were the most popular properties due to the fact that one could buy it, rent it easily - from an investment point of view.

A property between 40 and 50 000 euros one-bedroom can be bought almost anywhere, especially under construction is full. Only in the more central areas there are no such apartments in my opinion, but on the outskirts there are enough sites where one can buy a new home with this budget. At that value you can buy a bedroom, living room and kitchen and make it into a three bedroom, we have seen these cases very often, there are many people who prefer this type of construction. Panels are easier to find up to these values, I have seen EPCs in Kyuchuk Paris, maybe also in Kershyaka.

Another thing you can buy in this budget is with a little more care and cash you can buy from CSI property. Although there is no crisis yet and a big downturn, there are still enough quality properties on public sale that are nice and on offers. The special thing there is that there are many buyers now and the bidding is dropping in these sales, there are still many people who are only looking for such properties. So you can look at public sales from both the CSI and the NRA, they also sell properties at public sale from time to time. We have attended such a sale by the NRA behind the Lauta stadium at 42,000 euros - bedroom, living room and kitchen, panel.

Traditionally you can buy a house in worse condition - in Compound for example. Although last week I was looking at an offer for sale of a house in Unification, which was not a bad house, it even had a slight renovation, monolithic, large area, ready for immediate occupancy with some minor repairs. This type of property would be suitable for someone who doesn't mind travelling a bit, or works in the Industrial Zone of Thrace, in Radinovo say. It is faster and easier to get to Radinovo from Compound than from Thrace for example. There are other nice houses, for example, in Golyam Chardak we sold such a house, with one and a half acres of yard, the house was even made, it cost 40 000 euro, we could get to the village in 25 minutes.

However, this price range also has the most buyers, the most competition and the sellers are the least willing to make concessions in price, which means you have to be a little more patient and act quickly if you want to buy a quality property with a budget between 40 and 50 000 euros.

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